Billing Rates and Hours


Consulting Rate is $40 per hour. There will be a trip charge if location is further than 20 miles from Canadian Lakes. Trip charge would be $20. Billing starts when I arrive at your doorstep and ends when I leave. If I need to take the device back to the office to work on it, I will only charge for bench time at home – no travel time.

After hours, weekend, and holiday billing:

Saturday - time and a half - $60/hour

Sunday - double time - $80/hour

Over the phone tech support - anything over 5 minutes would be billable. A simple quick question, no problem at all. If troubleshooting is involved, this would be a billable call - could either do over the phone, or could schedule an on-site appointment.

Business Service Rates quoted per project.


Invoice is payable upon completion of service by cash or check.

Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday - flexible

Saturday and Sunday hours available upon request.